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Services we offer

Turnkey Project

A service, based on the readiness for mobility, to serve the client in the chosen geographical location.

  • Study of the client’s needs
  • Exchange of ideas
  • Project design and development
  • Budget

Application areas

  • Public: restaurant gardens, shops, hotels, clubs, etc…
  • Private: country houses, townhouses, terraces and interior patios

New areas:

  • Distribution of the plot
  • Lighting (home automation)
  • Irrigation system
  • Ponds and fountains
  • Selection and location of “living material”. It is not only the choice of species or their varieties, but the selection of the specimens that are in best condition, and the acquisition of these during an adequate season.

Renovations and restorations:

  • The garden will never be the same
  • As the years go by, every garden needs readjustments. The perspectives change as the plants grow. Many times, cleaning-up or other type of pruning is required, replacing elements that have grown badly.
  • You may want to give a different look to your newly acquired garden or need to fix the pavements, incorporate a pool to the house.
  • All this requires a reconsideration of the space, studying what should be left, and what can be replaced to give an optimal result.


  • Monitoring of the elaborated designs
  • Assisting the client who already has his green space and needs a small change and wants to know, for example, what new plant should he buy.
  • Solving doubts about pruning, maintenance, fertilization, pest control, and diseases.


What plant to buy, when to plant them, if it is to be put in shade or not, if they have any disease, what it is and how it is cured. Type of pruning, how to treat bulbs. Any question will have an answer.

Design of gardens, terraces, public and local spaces

A good design gives added value to the property. Elegance and distinction to the environment. CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY. Beauty catches us and invites us to see everything positive.
With me, you will find what is different.

Execution of my designs

With a team of professionals of strict TRUST, we carry out small works or large plots. Movements of lands, roads, irrigation systems, fountains and ponds, stairs and terracing.


Does the garden need a CHANGE? Do not know where to start? I will study new airs and possibilities that adjust to what you are looking for.

Search for your needs

I am like your YELLOW PAGES. You are looking for an artisan of pergolas, a specialized provider of exterior design lighting, a good gardener, a pruning and felling company, current regulations, treatments to apply and where to buy, recommended nurseries.

Design and decoration, take the landscape to the interior and the design to the exterior

The green space is not only outside. In our house we can have it. Design DECORATION of tables, rooms for special dinners and events. I play with the plants, the wood materials, the floral fabrics and a host of beautiful objects to take the imagination to the awaited evening. Many times, cocktails need to create spaces for the occasion. Decorating the garden is an art.

Colaboration with

Architects, designers, interior designers.

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